Napatech Focuses on Analytics at MWC2013


A few big trends at Mobile World Congress 2013 had to do with helping carriers make money – quite often through analytics. Spending some time with Daniel Barry at Napatech shows his company is certainly in line with trends at the show.

By utilizing an array of hardware adapters, the company uses off-the-shelf servers to enable carriers and the suppliers who they purchase from to build scaleable applications for big data analysis. Such solutions could help operators deliver new services rapidly to respond to an ever-changing market.

To show the power of the company’s technology they showed a demo of a Dell R720 off-the-shelf server which boasted 100 Gbps system throughput with their adapters inside.

Moreover, a recent agreement with Qosmos allows the latter’s DPI and metadata extraction engine to be directly linked to Napatech’s solutions.

Future plans increase ever-faster solutions which extoll the benefits of Napatech which Barry explains are performance and agility. He continued that his customized hardware solutions provide tremendous performance and using freely available hardware means you can easily upgrade systems without much effort.


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