Kollective Improves Network Performance via P2P Technology

Enterprise network congestion on continues to be a problem as software updates and files continue to grow in size. Add to these challenges, the fact that increasingly, enterprises expect to be able to communicate via video seamlessly.

In fact, more than 2,000 US and UK office workers, say that employees are dissatisfied with the updates they receive from their senior teams, with less than half (49%) saying that they are happy with the current communication provided by their CEOs and leadership teams. Instead, research shows 62% of workers expect to be able to communicate with their CEOs face-to-face.

The research also highlights how traditional methods of communication are now falling short of expectations, with only 38% of employees being happy with email as a way to communicate and fewer than one in five wanting to receive updates in the form of written documents.

In the place of written documents, video communication is becoming the new normal, with 30% of employees saying they expect to catch-up with the CEOs over video chat.

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In an exclusive interview with Neal Lauther (above), Technical Director and Eric Nguyen (below), CMO of Kollective, they explained their company provides technology which makes corporate networks smarter so people can work better. The Kollective platform scales existing IT infrastructure to accelerate content delivery to the edge of the enterprise while minimizing network congestion. From live town hall meetings, global presentations and on-demand video training, to major operating system updates and the delivery of critical patches, Kollective keeps your network secure without impacting critical business applications.

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Similar to the way Skype revolutionized communications via P2P or peer-to-peer, Kollective utilizes the nodes on the network to do some of the work. These endpoints cache and peer while monitoring network and endpoint performance. In this manner, less hardware-based caching is needed.

The Kollective Team
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While video is an important part of the company’s business, zero-day attacks are growing and becoming more severe. As a result, the need to get patches downloaded and installed immediately has only grown. It’s just an added benefit of the Kollective solution in your enterprise.

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