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President and CEO Donovan Jones

Years before it was fashionable, CounterPath had a soft-client, allowing an app to give mobile devices compatibility with virtually all SIP phone systems. The company’s Bria softphone was so ahead of its time, it is pretty incredible that CounterPath hasn’t become a household name.

Perhaps that will change as the company recently launched its Stretto Platform for collaboration. We aren’t sure we are huge fans of the name Stretto but we are fans of the solutions the company offers. CounterPath can now overlay seamless collaboration on all PBXs. All this while, providing provisioning, battery saving technology, messaging, presence and more.

The benefits become clear when you think about it. No need to leave one interface like say Slack to go to another to make a voice or video call. Conference calls can now take place in the exact same UI as collaboration. 

In an exclusive interview, Todd Carothers (below), EVP Sales & Marketing, explained, not everyone wants to go from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams and as a result, Microsoft and even Cisco customers have been reaching out to Todd’s company to switch. One reason is, CounterPath solutions allow a call to be seamlessly transferred from WIFi to mobile to without dropping.

Todd Carothers.jpg

Part of the reason CounterPath can pull this off is technology from Bridgeport Networks they acquired some years back. We covered Bridgeport funding in 2006.

The vertical markets most interested in these solutions happen to be retail, contact centers, finance, healthcare and government with retail experiencing explosive growth as mobile clients are being installed on general purpose mobile devices which can also act as scanners.

The CounterPath Team

counterpath team.jpg

Todd further explained the company will be upgrading Bria X (see our write-up from last year) and integrating with Slack and Atlassian, etc.

The bottom line is CounterPath provides seamless connectivity to UC and collaboration solutions allowing an enterprise to focus on whichever box or cloud solution works best for them while knowing the clients and collaboration solution will work seamlessly.

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