Drowsy Chaperone

I had a chance to see this show this past weekend on Broadway. The show was good – I don’t think it was great. I was bored for part of the show actually. I did laugh a lot though and there were some great performers. Here is a detailed review that probably gives too much of the story away.

I continue to be surprised by how much energy there is in Manhattan – especially around Times Square. It was a great weekend. Rain (torrential downpours actually) notwithstanding.

On the way home – I got stuck at the toll. My EZPass (a device allowing you to get through tolls more quickly) was left in my old car. Since I just got a new car I was without it. I ended up in line for about 30 minutes.

What I wonder is does our government care at all that we consume fuel at such a rapid pace? Wouldn’t it make more sense to abolish tolls altogether in the name of saving fuel.

If we care about the environment, the planet, our children, etc… What use do tolls play? Wouldn’t it make sense to increase gas taxes instead? Wouldn’t this accomplish the same goal.

We continue to make countries we consider to be enemies wealthy with our never-ending appetite for fossil fuels. Let’s take some proactive steps like dismantling tolls so that we can a least say we are trying to conserve fuel.

Governments move way too slowly in my opinion. By now we should have an energy policy we could all be proud of. Instead we have none.

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