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There is a new call center set up to help those Louisiana residents affected by Katrina. This article summarizes all the ways people can get help.

Louisiana residents seeking to restore lives upset by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita can now call 1-877-LA-Rebuilds (1-877-527-3284). This toll free number, like the LouisianaRebuilds.info web portal connects Louisiana residents displaced by hurricanes and floods to reliable information about rebuilding efforts and available resources.

Call center operators are available 24 hours a day and can respond in several languages, including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, and several Chinese dialects. They can answer questions about services, resources, and support networks that are necessary for rebuilding lives, homes, communities, and the state.

Here are some other organizations helping the ongoing rebuilding efforts:


Joy Corporation is a non-profit 501©3 community based organization that works to economically empower individuals and families within Baton Rouge and surrounding areas by providing educational, training, and rehabilitation programs designed to meet the holistic needs of the local community. http://www.joycorp.org
The Louisiana Recovery Authority is the planning and coordinating body that was created in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita by Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco to plan for the recovery and rebuilding of Louisiana. http://www.lra.louisiana.gov/

The Louisiana Family Recovery Corps coordinates and mobilizes a network of providers, organizations, and government agencies to deliver comprehensive humanitarian services to displaced Louisianans within the state of Louisiana. http://www.recoverycorps.org/

Living Cities is a public-private collaborative of major financial institutions, national foundations and a federal government agency that has invested over $370 million in urban neighborhoods in 23 cities throughout the county.

PolicyLink is a national research and action organization that works in partnership with other organizations to advance policies to achieve economic and social equity. http://www.policylink.org

One Economy Corporation is a national nonprofit organization that uses technology to connect low-income people to information and tools that help them improve their lives. http://www.one-economy.com

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