It Was A Race

From the moment the red-eye flight landed this morning, I tried my best to get to the hotel quickly. I thought there was a chance I could get some sleep in an actual bed before my presentation. After the luggage arrived at baggage claim I dove out the door and got the first cab in the line. The cab driver found the Sheraton Miami Mart Hotel in no time flat. I proceeded to check in and when I got to the desk the person on the other side asked me to wait and then went to the back office for about five minutes.

I kept thinking about how valuable this sleep time was and was very anxious. When she came back she assigned me to a room on the lowest floor. Dave Rodriguez who was traveling with me was upgraded to a suite on what apparently is the penthouse of the hotel. I guess we know who has pull at TMC.

But room location is of little consequence as I reasoned I would get even more sleep as my room was very close to the lobby. Every second counts I thought. Of course I asked for two wake up calls and planned on some much needed R&R which would have totaled about 60-90 minutes.

When I got to the room I tried to hang my suitcase which is one of these garment bags that allows you to hang suits, etc inside of it. Unfortunately the closet was too small to accommodate the suitcase but I persisted.

Then I proceeded to unzip the suitcase and all of a sudden the zipper jammed. Not good I thought. Of course with limited sleep I kept tugging and tugging hoping to get the zipper unstuck.

After a while the zipper decided it wasn’t going anywhere and the zipped part began to unzip on its own. I noticed there was a secondary zipper behind the first stuck zipper.

At this point I decided to move the patient to the bed where I could operate more carefully.

Then my brain kicked in. I figured today is my birthday and my luck has to be better. This garment bag was old anyway — perhaps it is time to buy a new one. I wonder if the Miami Mart which is connected to this hotel sells luggage.

A quick call to the front desk confirmed tat they not only sell luggage but the have name brands at wholesale prices. Happy birthday Rich I thought.

I then decided to yank the primary zipper off the garment bag. This was a feat requiring much exertion. I figured I had nothing to lose and I could always buy another suitcase if I destroyed the suitcase in this manner. After a while it came off and the secondary zipper came to the rescue and closed perfectly.

Well as you can imagine, I was very awake after this ordeal so I called room service, ordered breakfast cancelled my wake up calls and decided to check e-mail. I couldn’t log onto the hotel broadband but I am only in the hotel for a few hours anyway… Their loss I figured.

When people ask what I do I am considering telling them I am an airport inspector as I seem to spend so much of my time touring the fine airports of the world. 🙂

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