Sony vs. Apple

Allowing Apple to take over the music throne is inexcusable. I have long admired Sony and remember when they were the company changing the way the world listened to music. The question is, will they ever regain the throne? In my opinion it will be a very tough and long road to even gain half of Apple’s iPod market share.

Then again, there was a time we thought Apple was down for the count. Here is Tom’s take on the matter. What’s your opinion?

  • Gregory Maynes
    July 29, 2006 at 11:05 am

    I think sony is down for the count and this is Why.
    It is centered around the great operating system debate between Microsoft and Apple. Most people came to the conclusion that it just didn’t matter and that you should choose an operating system that will run the most software, winner: Microsoft. But the real debate was never in public view and most people never understood the difference between systems. Apple fanatics could verbalize why they preferred their choice. Microsoft fanatics clearly had very logical reasons for their choice and the debate just broke down into name calling after awhile.
    Meanwhile, there was a real difference in underlying philosophies about how software should be constructed and Why. Afterall, an operating system is just another piece of software. And it is surprising how similar their philosophies about software construction is also similar to corporate philosophies.
    So, you don’t loose interest in this response, I will outline the difference quickly without justification and show why this difference in philosophy has defeated the mighting in capturing the music business. And further, over time, will bring down microsoft also.
    Microsoft constructs software to be large all inclusive programs containing every feature they think may be useful. They try to be all things to all people all of the time. There is only one excel, word, powerpoint, etc. There is really only one operating system that has some parts disabled to creat a difference between home and profession. And all of these pieces of software are bloated and problematic because of the one serves all philosophy.
    Apple builds software to be modular. Complicated software just has more modules interacting. But each module is built for specialized purposes. So, if you need a highly specialize but simple piece of software to do a very special purpose thing, you don’t have to have all of the rest of a bloated piece of software running. And if you need a more fully functional piece of software, you can run a coordinating piece of software that hooks into each specialized function piece of software.
    This philosophy is why itunes/ipod system became dominate. It was the ease of use and specialized nature of the software. Notice that even itunes is an specialized simplified overlay program to quicktime.
    And the reason why sony is losing the game is that they are hamstrung with microsofts non-modular approach. And unless soney begins to write their own software, this will never change.
    Game Over!!!!!!

  • Rahil
    March 18, 2010 at 10:29 am

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