Scary Movie 4

You may be able to tell this from my writing but I am a HUGE Scary Movie fan and have seen the movies dozens of times. It is actually pretty scary how much time I have spent laughing at these movies which I am sure many think are childish but hey – I think movies should be entertaining and I obviously don’t need prodigious quantities of plot in my entertainment to be happy.

My favorite scenes in the movies are “What’s Up,” where the killer calls Shorty, when the camera assistant steps on Gail’s shoes, and the scene where the white rapper gets thrown out of the rap club after he puts up his hood and it looks like he is from the KKK.

George Carlin’s “Linda” is a bit creepy but still funny.

The movies are able to entertain and be on the edge of what is socially acceptable. They may step over occasionally but hey taking risks is what movie-making is all about.

So now Scary Movie 4 is out and I am dying to see it. Since I’ve had kids I have only seen one or two movies in a theatre. I now see movies when they come to cable. Perhaps this time I will make an exception.

Here is a review of the movie. I haven’t read it – I only skimmed. Why did I skim it instead of reading? I hate to know too much about a movie before I see it. Enjoy and let me know if you liked the movie but please don’t tell me anything that happens. You wouldn’t want to ruin the plot for me. 😉

  • bigfoot scene
    October 9, 2008 at 2:38 am

    I saw the first two “Scary Movie” movies. They’re a riot! Sometimes stupid, but that’s the point. Plus, they led to a whole bunch of other parodies being created: Epic Movie, Not Another Teen Movie etcetera. Goodtimes!

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