GlobalComm Vs. TelecomNext

There have been more complaints about the TelecomNext show than any event in telecom for 5 years. The conferences apparently are first-rate but there seems to be very low exhibit hall traffic. I did not attend TelecomNext by the way.
In a blog entry last year I pretty much outlined this show was doomed when I published similar comments from Calysto Communications about earlier USTA events.
So I wasn’t surprised to hear about a survey from Light Reading indicating that people chose GlobalComm over TelecomNext.
But wait:
  • CMP has partnered with the TIA the association behind GlobalComm and the two organizations have recently been acting like one.
  • Light reading is owned by CMP.
  • Light Reading performed a survey showing that its readers favor GlobalComm.
You know what, although these results could be 100% accurate it seems questionable to have Light Reading putting out something like this as most don’t see the connection between Light Reading and GlobalComm.

Some disclosure points:
  • TMC and Light Reading are both working with NetCentrex to sponsor a Triple Play Symposium
  • I have respect for the Light Reading team – The goal here is not to knock them
  • There are much worse problems on the Internet when it comes to communications shows. Some event producers have bought off “independent” bloggers (through special favors, financial incentives, ownership in companies, etc). This is a much worse problem than what I outlined above.

  • TlcomMarketeer
    May 7, 2006 at 8:09 am

    It’s unfortunate that LightReading is teamed with GLOBALCOMM because I think the survey results are dead on. TelecomNext was awful, and I am sure this June’s GLOBALCOMM will bury USTA’s fledgling trade show efforts with a superior product.
    Hope you decided to cover the show in advance.
    – Industry Veteran

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