The Connecticut Shooting

Our office and much of the state has been horribly shaken by the shooting incident in Sandy Hook/Newtown, CT. Some of my coworkers had children in nearby schools and we were on-edge for a while until we learned the gunman had been killed.

Likewise, one of my best friends had a child at a school across the street from where this incident took place. It took me two hours to learn the child was OK. For a while a rumor circulated regarding a second gunman on the loose.

Being in the office today reminds me a bit of what it was like after 9/11 – the tragedy was very close and really hit home.

Human life may be the most precious commodity we have and senseless violence which takes it can never be forgiven or understood. The fact that children were targets of this heinous crime makes it all the more despicable.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.

As life gets stressful and hectic, we sometimes take it, loved ones and family for granted. This weekend would be a good time to remind yourself how precious all of the above are.

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