3-Way Chess

Everything seems to be getting more complicated these days. Office workers have to worry about e-mails, voicemails conference calls, managing their Blackberrys, etc. Even kids have it tougher than ever. They have to be able to IM with ten friends at a time, be great at video games, do many after-school activities and so on.

Perhaps the only thing which is still simple in life is board games. After all, you can play a game of Monopoly and it is pretty much the way it was 30 years ago.

So it was about time that chess become more difficult as well. In fact, we now have a new sort of chess game… 3-Way chess which allows three players to play against one another. The pieces all move how they normally do with the only difference being that pawns can take pieces in three different diagonal directions in the center of the board.

Players go in clockwise order and if two players gang up on one, it seems there is no way for the remaining player to win… Unless of course the player’s last name happens to be Kasparov.

The winner of this game is the person who first places another player in check-mate.



  • Steve
    March 12, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    3 Player Chess is so much fun, I bought mine here: 3 Way Chess

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