Caffeine Sucks

Let me start this blog entry with a disclaimer. Caffeine is bad for you. But if you are going to ingest caffeine every day you may be getting bored with how few options there are for you to take in this ever-addicting substance. So when I learned you could actually suck in caffeine instead of drinking it I realized I had something to share with my readers.
After all, when I see many of my readers at trade shows and other places they tell me it can be tough to keep up with everything going on… Even my blog takes lots of time to read they tell me.
Well avid readers – fear no more. Order some of these SurgeStix for yourself and you will never have an excuse for getting behind on my writing. Oh and by the way, this is no April Fool’s Day joke. This is the real deal.

  • meh
    October 23, 2009 at 9:48 am

    The stuff is poison
    I drink enough to kill a horse probably
    at least enough to wire an entire office of people
    it will make you hallucinate if you drink enough for long enough
    trip balls amp’d out jittery like you smoked crack and are toothless homeless guy
    caffeine sucks I won’t touch that stuff ever again
    tomorrow is today and today something is changes I am never drinking coffee again as long as I live.

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