Keating on Skype, Pika and Zune

You know what? I was looking at Tom Keating’s blog today and there is some good stuff worth sharing. First he points to an Om Malik interview of Josh Silverman the CEO of Skype and then reminds us of how to get Skype to run on an iPhone (sort-of) until Skype releases an official version.

The interview is great — it shows Skype is laser-focused on profit, mobility and embedding itself into other applications. Malik pushed Silverman on a few fronts — explaining that the telcos aren’t a monopoly (contradicting my thoughts and those of Silverman) — he also pushed Silverman on why they are still part of eBay and finally on why Skype is boring. If I were an eBay shareholder though, I would be less interested in being amazed by the company’s products and more interested in profitability.

Silverman sidestepped this point a bit but did say they are focused on innovative products. He went on to say, people want the product to be more reliable and easier to use — rather than something with more features.

This gets me thinking — is there a disconnect between what us bloggers want and write about and what Joe-sixpack needs?

Getting back to Keating — in his blog –  he does a great job reviewing the Pika Warp appliance for Asterisk which is not a turn-key Asterisk IP-PBX but rather a platform which developers and VARs can use to configure Asterisk 1.4.x to their liking. In fact, the main concept behind the WARP Appliance is to offer resellers and VARs an inexpensive Asterisk hardware platform that they can OEM and offer under their own brand name.

It is worth mentioning the WARP Appliance also works with FreeSWITCH, so developers can also choose to embed FreeSWITCH instead of Asterisk. In fact, any telephony application such as IVRs, call logging, predictive dialer etc. built using PIKA’s telephony APIs can be integrated onto the appliance, whether it is a proprietary application or based on an open source platform.

Finally there are some thoughts in the blog on wireless Zune and you can bet Tom will be listening to his on the flight out to ITEXPO next week.

And yes, you will find Pika at the show as an exhibitor (booth# 102 and a Gold Sponsor — Communications Developer Pavilion) — which takes place September 16-18, 2008 in Los Angeles as well.

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