Sony’s VoIP Headsets

Sony may be a decade or so late to the game but certainly it is better to be late than not in the game at all. So welcome Sony to the world of VoIP headsets. The top of the range of this new line-up is the DR-EX230DP, which has in-ear silicon headphones in three sizes, an in-line microphone and travel case.

There is also the DR-220DRPV – which has added volume control – and the collapsible DR-G250DP, which is designed for travel use.

Tom Keating recently wrote about the company’s PSP Skype headset as well.


  • VoIP Phone Service Tips
    February 23, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    Yeah, I heard about Sony VoIP headsets. Surprised Sony got into the bandwagon so late. Whatever Sony makes will be good quality. It would be intesting to see how far they go VoIP headsets.

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