TMCnet Continues to Grow

Thanks once again to our loyal TMCnet readers. Because of you, TMCnet has broken more online records. In January of 2008 TMCnet experienced 38,368,961 page views (meaning total number of web pages viewed on TMCnet in January alone.

The total number of unique visitors on our site in January was 2,446,403 which is not an all time record but it is higher than recent months. Average Visit Length per person on TMCnet in January was 28 minutes and 59 seconds this past month.

These numbers are according to Webtrends.

According to Quantcast, TMCnet has increased its US traffic per month to 927,322. What is great about Quantcast is that you can compare the traffic of various sites. As you may recall, last month our Quantcast total of US visitors was 870,019. We have increased 6.6% month over month.

Thanks to our readers and advertisers, TMCnet has experienced non-GAAP record online revenue growth of over 80% in January and as a sign of thanks to our readers we have added nine new writers to our team already this year.

That is more than one person per week.

I do not know all of our new writers personally but the ones I know are of the highest quality and are truly respected thought leaders. My team assures me the same about the others. I am sure you will recognize many of these esteemed thought leaders.

They consist of Charlotte Wolter, Gary Kim, Jon Arnold, Peter Radzieski, Scott Wharton, David Yedwab, Taran Singh, Rick Graves, and Dr. Alan Solheim.

At the end of last year, Jagan Jagannathan and Phil Hill also began writing for TMCnet.

Our ongoing commitment is to our readers… We appreciate that you make TMCnet your destination for finding the latest and most authoritative news, analysis and opinion in the world of communications and technology.

As we grow we will retain our commitment to quality as we increase our total content offering.

I must also thank the TMCnet team who is working harder than ever and our growing list of advertisers who believe in our vision and have helped us get to where we are today.

I would also like to point out that today I just received my PR Vibes fom the well-respected PR company Calysto Communications regarding TMC’s recent ITEXPO in Miami, FL.

In the newsletter there was a quote worth sharing:

TMC seems to be really ramping it up. While other industry publishers seem to be dropping print pages and slowing down, the TMC organization is doing the opposite. They keep adding more and more familiar names to their roster and growing all their products – from print to event, but especially online.

Thanks to Calysto for noticing our incredible growth rate and mentioning it. We appreciate the nice comments and will continue to do our absolute best to build communities and content of the highest quality into the future.

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