Barracuda CloudGen Firewall Release Automates and Secures Enterprise Cloud Migrations

Barracuda Networks announced Release 8 of Barracuda CloudGen Firewall which streamlines SD-WAN management, optimizes cloud connectivity, and automates scalable protection across multi-cloud deployments.

New functionality includes:

Direct internet break-out optimization — CloudGen Firewall now automatically selects the best available direct internet uplink for typical internet-hosted applications such as Dropbox and In the background, it monitors the available direct internet break-out and dynamically prioritizes the best uplink based on current internet conditions.

WAN Path Controller dashboard — Further extending the capabilities of Firewall Insights, this new dashboard dynamically displays the global SD-WAN data on network and remote location health status. This enables customers to achieve more efficient use of WAN resources while improving application performance.

Darius Goodall with Barracuda discusses the company’s SD-WAN products and the bang for the buck they provide

Automated integration with Azure vWAN — CloudGen Firewall now integrates to Azure vWAN with Central Management, Zero Touch Deployment, and support for Office 365 vWAN policies for optimized cloud application performance.

Full lifecycle automation API — CloudGen Firewall now includes capabilities to provide network segmentation, security, and access control for automated deployment as part of agile cloud development processes. This helps customers to realize the full potential of their cloud migration initiatives.

Thorsten Stoeterau of Barracuda Networks at SD-WAN Expo/ITEXPO 2019 explains the company’s various cybersecurity initiatives including spear phishing mitigation, training and of course, SD-WAN.

Auto VPN —CloudGen Firewall Release 8 brings VPN automation across multiple cloud providers, on-site, and virtual.

Multi-gigabit performance — This CloudGen Firewall release can more than double network performance in the cloud over previous releases. This allows hosting and protecting even the most demanding workloads that require large amounts of bandwidth.

Up to 50 percent improvement of VPN performance — Optimization and modernization of the underlying VPN engine now make use of the processing power provided by multi-core appliance and virtual hardware. This can result in up to 50 percent improvements of encrypted VPN throughput, even for deployed Barracuda CloudGen Firewall units.

“SD-WAN management can be complicated. Many SD-WAN products require days to deploy and can introduce vulnerabilities if not correctly configured,” said Klaus Gheri, VP of Network Security at Barracuda. “Barracuda CloudGen Firewall provides an all-in-one SD-WAN solution that’s integrated with public cloud infrastructure, providing organizations with the security and connectivity they need with automation that will make their lives easier.”

What’s impressed us most is the faster performance – especially as it relates to VPN – so many users look to bypass the VPN due to speed issues. Even when they can’t – their productivity suffers as a result. Other impressive new features are enhanced API and Azure support.

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