nexVortex Launches mConnect SD-WAN for Smaller Businesses

The SD-WAN market continues to get more competitive – but the opportunities are still abundant. Every company needs SD-WAN, for security, redundancy. For cost-savings over MPLS and also to ensure cloud applications work properly as part of digital transformation.

Award-winning nexVortex, a provider of cloud communications, SIP Trunking and Hosted Voice launched Managed Connect (mConnect), a purpose-built SD-WAN solution for the small to medium business market. mConnect builds on the growing momentum of nexVortex’s managed services by improving quality, availability, and visibility (QAV) for ground-to-cloud connections for cloud services.

mConnect uses nexVortex’s patent-pending QAV technology to deliver a better cloud experience by managing the customer’s WAN circuits. It does this by improving service resiliency, increasing the connection quality, and providing greater visibility into operations; and, with more efficient management of network resources, operational costs are driven down.

mConnect is fully compatible with nexVortex’s other managed services — Managed SIP Trunking and Managed Hosted Voice. In addition, mConnect provides service protection for third-party, mission-critical cloud services like Microsoft Office 365.

To enable voice services to be delivered with the highest audio quality, the mConnect solution uses multiple strategies including the duplication and recombination of the audio packets across both WAN interfaces and Direct ISP Peering on the nexVortex managed network. Duplicating packets compensates for packet loss in the open internet and produces high-quality calls. This capability was first introduced with nexVortex’s award-winning Managed Hosted Voice service and has now been extended to nexVortex’s Managed SIP service and other cloud services. Direct ISP Peering helps avoid internet congestion at public peering points.

mConnect differs from other SD-WAN solutions because it puts the power of choice into the hands of the small to medium business owner. Other SD-WAN solutions pull all traffic headed to the cloud into the vendor’s data centers for handling — and charge for the bandwidth needed to do so. mConnect allows the business owner to choose which specific applications (“protected services”), they want to be carried with the highest level of performance while allowing all others to simply flow over the public internet.

Wes Rogers, COO & Founder of nexVortex

Wes Rogers, COO & Founder of nexVortex commented: “mConnect and the underlying technology is very exciting, very cool. It addresses a pain point that many small business owners have today and moves nexVortex into a central role in the user’s operations. This will create many future opportunities for our channel partners.”

“Services delivered over the public internet have, for years, had to deal with quality issues over the last mile. This is where most audio quality problems occur,” said Mario Cuello, CEO of Epygi, an IP-PBX manufacturer. “Epygi’s on-premise IP-PBX, when used in conjunction with nexVortex’s mConnect solution and nexVortex Managed SIP Trunking service, affordably solves this problem for small businesses.”

Mario Cuello, CEO of Epygi

Similarly, mConnect can be deployed with hosted solutions to provide a high-quality, reliable connection to cloud-based voice services.

mConnect is managed using an intuitive, easy-to-use, cloud-based portal and has been designed to be plug-and-play in most network environments. Optionally, mConnect can be configured with a wireless LTE modem for the secondary WAN connection for locations served by only a single ISP.

We are excited that netvortex brings nother quality SD-WAN solution to the market – with a focus on a more cost-sensitive area of the market. We also think the fact Epygi works with the company shows a commitment to interoperability which customers really need to ensure there is less finger-pointing if a problem does occur.

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