Comcast Business Survey: 43% Say Better CX is a Major Driver of Digital Transformation

Comcast Business recently unveiled the results of a new survey that aims to explain changing impressions and expectations surrounding the technological, cultural and social factors impacting an organization’s ability to connect with customers.

As organizations plan and undergo digital transformation initiatives, the study affirms there is one fundamental component every company needs to remain relevant: a relentless focus on an empathetic customer experience, supported by connected technologies and networked infrastructure.

The study — Empathy at Scale: How Data & Technology Will Fuel More Human Customer Experiences — found that organizations on the leading edge of digital transformation are combining direct and contextual customer data with analytics and business intelligence technologies to create “empathy at scale.” This includes a deep understanding of the customer; anticipating their expectations, desires, needs and actions; and responding to those needs and expectations in a caring and connected way.

Here are a few key findings from the study:

Customer Experience Drives Digital Transformation: Enhancing the customer experience continues to be a key driver in organizations’ digital transformation journeys, with 43% of respondents saying that one of the top three drivers to take on a digital transformation effort was to improve the customer experience, 34% saying it was to attract new customers, and 29% noting it was to retain existing customers.

According to the survey, one of the “foundational, but often-forgotten” ways to provide an exceptional customer experience is employing technological infrastructure that integrates data sources and systems across multiple departments and functions to provide “a single source of information and truth about a customer.”

In other words, by pairing direct human interactions (e.g., a customer service desk) and integrated technology infrastructure (e.g., real-time accessibility to customer databases), supported by fast, agile networks, brands can create tailored, personalized customer experiences that can be scaled across an entire organization.

Barriers Exist in Working Toward Digital Transformation Priorities: At the same time, more than a quarter (27%) of respondents reported that legacy infrastructure is their second-biggest barrier to digital transformation. By pairing key technology investments with a strategic focus on customers, the survey indicates, organizations will forge a path to empathy at scale, pushing them toward the next level of business transformation. 

Certainly – today being Cyber Monday, many of us – including Your’s Truly spent time on the phone with agents who asked for patience as they switched between various systems. This of course, leads to a poor experience.

We applaud Comcast Business for helping to shine light on the need for organizations to improve their CX as part of their DX efforts.

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