Hackers Now Attacking SD-WAN

Out parent company TMC has covered the Mirai botnet before – it targets IoT devices and enables them to form a botnet which can be leveraged to launch DDoS attacks.

We discussed the threat and how to mitigate it, the need for IoT security and some of the latest targets – Poly endpoints.

Now, there is somewhat scary news.

The attacks are spreading from simple endpoint devices to SD-WAN networking gear.

Palo Alto Networks discovered a new variant of Mirai that has eight new exploits against a wide range of embedded devices. These newly targeted devices range from wireless presentation systems to set-top-boxes, SD-WANs, and even smart home controllers.

The target, VMware’s SDX line of SD-WAN appliances – now has an updated software version that fixes the vulnerability.

The sheer firepower of networking equipment, as opposed to simple cameras, marks a scary escalation of this malware.

The sad irony is SD-WAN is typically implemented for numerous reasons but security is one of them. The fact the security devices are now being attacked is of grave concern.

IT departments and CSOs need to stay vigilant to protect themselves from Mirai and other threats.

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