New Open Systems CEO, Jeff Brown on SD-WAN Growth and Differentiation

A few weeks back we shared the news regarding Jeff Brown becoming the new CEO of SD-WAN and security-as-a-service solutions leader, Open Systems. The company just won the prestigious SD-WAN Product of the Year Award last month.

We caught up with Jeff for an exclusive interview to learn more. He said, “There is a whole lot more here than SD-WAN. It’s more of a platform with SD-WAN, SOC as a service, multicloud and analytics.”

He went on to explain companies need to change their networks to handle the move to cloud and his company has been doing this for 15 years.

“Our customers love us. Our NPS scores are very high,” he exclaimed. “In addition, the company has low churn among its customers.” Open Systems is well-known in Switzerland and Europe and going forward, they see an opportunity to tell the U.S. and others what Swiss customers know, he explained.

Yours Truly, Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC speaks with Dave Martin of Open Systems at SD-WAN Expo 2019 – collocated with ITEXPO. Daves excitement really shines through as you can see and hear in this interview.

Open Systems is in 184 countries and they pride themselves on superior logistics – they handle the process and security he said.

“We are good at getting a box into China,” he exclaimed. He then cited the fact that U.S. carriers are not as strong in this area.

He also said that they think of cloud without networks being rearchitected as the equivalent of a sports car with wagon wheels.

This is what it’s like to use cloud applications with your current network according to Jeff Brown, the new CEO of SD-WAN and security-as-a-service solutions leader, Open Systems.

“You have to be able to manage the apps and have them run properly,” he said. Concluding, “You need proper management as well.”

What impresses us most about the organization is their breadth of product offering across NOC/SOC and SD-WAN. Typically these solutions are provided by different vendors but as network and cybersecurity issues overlap more – having a single company managing it all, makes more sense than ever.

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