Digital Defense Cybersecurity Comparison Tool Can be Truly Useful to an Organization

The cybersecurity market moves incredibly fast and the news cycle seems to last for mere minutes. Just this morning we learned Iran is hacking into Universities in the U.S. Thankfully this is not as dangerous as their 2015 hacking of a dam in Rye, New York which could have cost lives – but it is disturbing nonetheless.

It also shows that U.S. indictments of cybercriminals – especially state actors, has no effect on nation-state behavior.

With all the cybersecurity news coming at us on a frequent basis, it seems almost impossible to fathom that less than two months ago, Capital One had a breach affecting more than 100 million credit cards! When we broke the news we included a salient quote:

The circumstances around the Capital One breach highlights the need for increased scrutiny of hosted security applications. As enterprises and networks become more distributed and network resources – including security applications – are allocated to the cloud, the security applications themselves, whether commercially available or custom designed, must be regularly tested and monitored to ensure they are secure and free of misconfigurations that could be leveraged for exploit.

Tom DeSot, EVP and Chief Information Officer at Digital Defense, Inc.
Mieng Lim, Sr. Dir Product Management, Digital Defense

We agreed with these sentiments and wanted to share more about Digital Defense so we had an exclusive interview with Mieng Lim, Sr. Dir Product Management. The vulnerability and threat management company is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary which in this space is quite a long time.

“We work closely with customer base and offer an affordable and effective solution,” said Mieng. “There are a lot of vulnerability testing solutions on market – we provide the most affordable, effective and accurate solution that is also easy to use.”

The solution works for companies of all sizes – they started in financial services but now are in all customers in all vertical markets such as legal and retail… Especially helpful in organizations which have to comply with regulatory compliance.

“Patch management is a pretty big problem still; Vendors not deploying patches fast enough,” she exclaimed.

She told us companies need a combination of services, explaining that no one has the resources to fix all vulnerabilities. For this reason, they have a peer comparison solution to see how well companies are doing against others in their space. They aggregate anonymized information allowing companies to see other organizations – not just by the market they are in but also by their asset and employee size.

They differentiate this service by having a larger customer set as they have been around for so many years and have been able to amass a large volume of customers and information. Customers can also map their assets to see where the greatest risk is.

We’re impressed with the ability for companies to compare their cybersecurity posture against peers. For ITand cyber departments – being on the higher-end of the spectrum could be linked to higher salary or bonuses, etc.

It is always good for companies to be able to measure themselves – especially in cybersecurity where an attacker generally go after the easiest target.

In related news, Digital Defense recently announced the integration of their Frontline Cloud vulnerability management and threat assessment platform with the Cherwell IT Service Management (ITSM) platform. The union of the two security technologies enables joint customers to automate the process of ticketing, enabling organizations to quickly and efficiently address security vulnerabilities and threats, improving their overall security posture.

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