Asigra and Zadara Help Protect Sandz Solutions Philippines From Backup Data Ransomware Attack

Recently, Your’s Truly Rich Tehrani worked with a company on a series of phishing simulation tests using PHISH360, before and after we performed cybersecurity training. The results were impressive – there was a 33% drop in link clicks. Also, before the test, there were people who entered data into a fictitious form. After the test, no one entered data. A solid improvement.

There are a few takeaways – people are a weak link when fighting against hackers. It takes quarterly training at least to keep clicks to a minimum.

This training needs to be live or Zoom-based. Watching a video is nice but isn’t as effective.

The Q&A for example is very eye-opening for the entire team and helps perhaps as much as the training.

We know hackers are getting better at spreading ransomware throughout a network. Backup appliances are especially great targets for them because if they infect this archive, a company will have to pay the ransom.

When the network is locked up and no files are accessible, the cloud data becomes worth its weight in diamonds.

Asigra Inc., a leader in backup and recovery software that delivers comprehensive repository cyber protection, and Zadara, a leader in enterprise storage-as-a-service, today announced the deployment of the OpEx Backup Appliance by Sandz Solutions Philippines Inc. to ensure the defense of recovery data against ransomware and other aggressive malware variants.

You may recall Zadara is a winner of the exclusive Cloud Computing Backup/Disaster Recovery Award.

Sandz Solutions Philippines Inc. was founded in 2000. The company is a managed services provider specializing in IT infrastructure optimization and data protection. Sandz provides customized solutions that address demanding SLAs, risk mitigation, cost reduction and regulatory compliance for various industries. Sandz delivers technology solutions through a network of channel partners, who now have access to the cost-efficient and powerful, OpEx Backup Appliance, optimized to counter ransomware attacks on backup data.

The Asigra Cloud OpEx Backup Appliance integrates Asigra Cloud Backup Software with the Zadara cloud storage platform available exclusively as a consumption-based service. The solution can be deployed on-premises, at a colocation facility or in the public cloud and converges data protection and cyber-security to counter malware attacks on backup data, including ransomware Attack-Loops. The appliance allows IT and backup administrators to move from a CapEx to an OpEx model in order to cost-effectively safeguard business data to ensure business continuity.

Profile photo of Henry Velasco
Henry Velasco, Managing Director, Sandz Solutions Philippines Inc.

“Backup has received much more attention and is a higher priority aspect of our technology solutions suite with the surge of ransomware attacks now impacting organizations globally,” said Henry Velasco, Managing Director, Sandz Solutions Philippines Inc. “The Asigra OpEx Backup Appliance with Zadara storage serves as a resiliency orchestration platform that supports critical data recovery requirements for business continuity, while also reducing the capital and management costs of traditional backup systems.”

Profile photo of Nelson Nahum
Nelson Nahum, co-founder and CEO, Zadara

“Sophisticated cyberattacks are on the rise, making reliable data backup and recovery more essential than ever,” said Nelson Nahum, co-founder and CEO, Zadara. “Sandz customers and partners can now more affordably avoid data loss and operational downtime with the flexibility offered by a 100%-OpEx storage model.”

Profile photo of Eran Farajun
Eran Farajun, EVP, Asigra

“Industry experts are forecasting continued and more sophisticated ransomware attacks on business IT systems, including backup infrastructure. We have taken the lead in helping our partners defend against such threats,” said Eran Farajun, EVP, Asigra. “We are very pleased to see that Sandz, a widely respected solution provider in Southeast Asia, is having success with this unique cybersecurity-enabled platform.”

Keeping the backup archive secure is crucial and we think today’s news is great.

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