Citrix Boosts Mobile Solutions to Carriers, Enterprise

Citrix was showing off a lot of interesting solutions at MWC 2015,citrix-ftl-hq.jpeg starting with the MPX 25000, a device which provides ADC functionality for carriers utilizing an NFV approach of using OTS hardware instead of customized solutions. The company tells me this gives them a 300% increase in price/performance over ASIC-based competitors. Moreover, the company’s approach allows growing carriers to leverage cloud-based versus telco manageability meaning you get a single virtual interface as your solution grows with the addition of more OTS servers as opposed to fork-lifting boxes in exchange for ever-larger ones.


Carriers can use this device to get up to 80 virtualized sessions to help in various areas of their network such as diameter signaling, NAT, traffic steering and DNS. The company also explained to me their mobility solutions are designed to keep enterprises, safe, secure and productive in a BYOD world.

The company’s XenMobile apps for example allow seamless workflow between their mail, calendar and other apps while leveraging third-party clouds as well. Their recent XenMobile 10 release allows a company to manage its devices and mobile apps seamlessly together – Android and iOS too are managed seamlessly together with just a few mouse clicks.

Security consists of being able to wipe and lock out devices as needed. IT departments can also push out apps to devices as needed. Finally, there is strong encryption and containerization of work areas.

The point here is Citrix wants carriers and enterprise customers know they have solutions which help make you more productive and efficient in a mobile world. Carriers can save money while enterprise IT departments can be more productive and users can leverage mobile technology to work in a more seamless way without the need for constant app switching.

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