Why Cradlepoint is Poised for Growth

We all know the M2M and IoT spaces are growing like crazy… Our own growing M2M Evolution and IoT Evolution shows are just a few examples of how the marketplaces are on fire as a seamlessly never-ending flow of new customers comes to each iteration of these events.

While many of the conferences in the space are doing well, I have to say the prospects for one of the players in the market – Cradlepoint might be even better. They seem to be in the right place at the right time with the right products.


The company’s AER 2100 is a wired router with built-in redundancy – allowing up to two wireless modems to be activated and even a second wired connection. The device is making tremendous gains in the IoT space.

In a conversation with Ken Hosac of the company today I got to learn how security is becoming another major reason for the company’s growth. So many retailers have been hacked through external PoS solutions which allowed hackers to find their way to corporate networks where they were eventually able to find ways to store passwords for later offloading.

If PoS and other IoT solutions start to live off the network, these security issues go away. In other words, if you are able to isolate outside equipment to 4G networks instead of corporate networks, there is one less way for hackers to get into your systems.

Ken continued to tell me here at MWC 2015 that the company added intrusion detection, prevention, live signature updates from Trend Micro and more to the product. Also, since 4G networks typically charge by the bit, they have a built-in TLS tunnel between the device and the cloud which reduces the bandwidth requirements of the solution but still allows cloud-level intelligence with less expensive hardware.

The idea here is companies are setting up parallel networks to ensure they have higher levels of security. Moreover, CMOs have to butt heads with CIOs less often due to PCI-compliance issues related to projects like digital signage, as they no longer need to be served with packets from the company’s routers.

A retailer like Wal-Mart for example could use more than 40 of these devices for things like kiosks and the various store-within-a-store areas.

Cradlepoint raised a recent round of funding and hopes to continue its rapid growth.

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