Google’s Application Upgrade Feed

Google applications have been upgraded these past years and many times these updates are done quietly as they are software as a service SaaS applications and as such it wasn’t obvious that people needed to know about these upgrades.

At least that is how many SaaS vendors start out. Then over time, they confuse users to tears as they can’t figure out if the reason their programs look different in the morning is because of an upgrade the prior evening or a result of the major hangover from the prior night’s holiday party.

Like many things in life, we can now keep track of all of the happenings in Google applications from a single RSS feed. As Google gets into more and more areas we can expect this feed to become massive… And it should be very interesting to see how many new features Google is able to add and how quickly they advance.

The first person of course to subscribe to these feeds was Steve Ballmer. 😉

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