FCC gets Investigated

I just get the feeling that the FCC Chairman in the united States has a job description that entails taking endless abuse from the rest of the government. Now Kevin Martin is getting slammed because the FCC is a massive bureaucracy that can’t handle customer complaints.

Even worse, the bureau has just been investigated.

My question is, when did parts of our government get mad at other parts of our government for being a bureaucracy? Is this a new trend? For a few hundred years it seemed that our government felt it was best if things didn’t work.

Has anyone looked at our tax code? This voluminous document is proof that the government likes to make things as complicated as possible and apparently hates trees more than Al Qaeda.

I just get the feeling the democrats are trying to push Martin out as he is close to the Bush administration. After all, The investigation was sought by Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., chairman of the House Energy and Commerce telecommunications and the Internet subcommittee.

The Government Accountability Office said the agency "needs to improve how it collects and analyzes data on complaints received, investigations conducted and enforcement actions taken to better manage its enforcement program."

In response, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said "the GAO put forward valuable recommendations" and Martin also said that since he became chairman, the commission has been responding to 100 percent of consumer complaints and has collected a record amount of fines, forfeitures and consent decree payments.

The GAO analysis examined data encompassing 454,000 complaints between 2003 and 2006.

The GAO, the investigative arm of Congress, said the FCC processed about 95 percent of the complaints it received, opened about 46,000 investigations and closed 39,000.

About 9 percent of the closed investigations resulted in an enforcement action, while 83 percent resulted in no enforcement. The GAO said it could not determine why the investigations were closed without action because "FCC does not systematically collect these data."

The agency did its own analysis and said the vast majority of closures were due to a lack of information or a determination that no violation had occurred.

The report criticized the agency for failing to set performance goals which prevent it from "assuring Congress and other stakeholders that it is meeting its enforcement mission."

Things are not looking for Kevin Martin but the good news is, I hear there is an opening in the New York Governor’s office.

  • Mickey
    March 14, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    Hahaha…and the hits just keep on coming. First the Energy and Commerce Committee starts an investigation of the Commission to see if the Chairman broke the law and now it comes out that the FCC can’t even keep track of citizen’s complaints. They’re like the Keystone Kops over there. It’s a miracle they even start meetings on time…wait…they don’t.

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