Huawei NYC Media Reception Live Blog

Huawei had a media reception in NYC at the World Trade Center. Joy Tan welcomed us and then introduced Vincent Peng. He explained the company achieved 23% growth YoY in the first half.

The consumer segment is now 55% of revenue and they hit $72B in total revenue. Carrier infrastructure is very stable. They have 11 new carrier contracts after the 17th of May.

“Customers trust our brand and service,” he exclaimed.

He said they had 24% growth in smartphones.

In addition, they sold 180 million devices.

They expect fast growth in the second half; tablets and PCs are doing well as is their new OS. It runs in 100k code lines as opposed to 20M for Android.

They prefer to use Android but their Harmony is option B.

They will invest $17B compared to $15B last year. In addition, AI is a big area of growth.

Huawei spends $18B on U.S. suppliers – this equates to 40,000 jobs.

This benefits the choice in America and benefits customers, he explained.

The bottom line is the company is a positive force for U.S. suppliers and buyers. It is responsible for a great deal of jobs. What wasn’t mentioned was the devices the company makes – as well as the carrier gear for 5G etc., is really good and competitively priced.

Many of the smartphones were on display but sadly no foldable Mate X.

Here are some shots from the venue:


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