New MSP Tool from Adlumin for Automated Cloud-Native Security and Compliance

MSPs have more pressure on them each day to help customers stay secure and compliant. yet, they face a challenging employee retention and hiring environment. All the while, cybersecurity threats and compliance fines are growing rapidly.

This is why D.C.-based Adlumin, a cybersecurity company dedicated to defending corporate networks from threats, malfunctions, and IT operations failures, launched their premier multi-tenant, cloud-native security and compliance platform built specifically for managed service providers. Abakis constantly scans network account activity for changes in user or potential intruder behaviors, and it reports anomalies in real-time. The platform empowers you to respond to discrepancies and return a customer to compliance within seconds. This cost-efficient, easy-to-use artificial intelligence solution integrates into a customer’s network in just 20 minutes.

Features include:

Johnston, Adlumin CEO, Adlumin
  • FFEIC CAT Inherent Risk Profile
  • FFIEC / PCI DSS Device log management
  • Email & SMS alerts
  • One-touch automated compliance reporting
  • Integrated compliance (PCI DSS SOX, FFIEC)
  • Designed for Financial Institutions
  • Automated reporting for compliance audits

“Our revolutionary software provides the top-level breach detection capabilities our customers expect, but you don’t need a Ph.D. to use it,” said Robert Johnston, Adlumin CEO. “Our cloud-native architecture makes Abakis a premium SIEM platform for businesses of any size.”

Timothy Evans, Adlumin Senior Vice President, Business Development

Abakis automates all the customer’s IT compliance requirements. The world-class data science and machine learning behind Abakis analyze ingested data – laptop, desktop, server, VPN, firewall, and security applications – and write the network health, compliance, and SIEM rules so you don’t have to. The new platform’s log management and data research functions improve your ability to graphically visualize and interact with data to determine user privilege and produce specific answers to customers’ use case questions.

“Network attackers are getting smarter and cybersecurity solutions need to keep up. Abakis protects against internal and external threats in ways that legacy tools can’t in today’s dynamic environment,” said Timothy Evans, Adlumin Senior Vice President, Business Development. “Abakis is modern infrastructure that combines the power of Adlumin’s renowned cybersecurity solutions with the features and flexibility of multi-tenancy.”

Abakis maintains robust encryption and data storage performance to ensure customers meet the compliance requirements of all major regulatory bodies, including FINRA and FFIEC. These features prove especially relevant to financial sector customers, in addition to other businesses that prioritize sensitive asset safeguards.

Automation and machine learning are becoming essential cybersecurity tools and MSPs need to rely on technology more than ever to keep their customers safe and secure.

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