Unlimited Cloud Storage Comes to BDR from Axcient


Axcient just upped the competitive game by announcing unlimited storage in the Axcient Cloud as well as a few other changes of note designed to make the company the industry leader in TCO. Axcient’s new hardware appliances include hot-swap drives and IPMI on its most popular units, reducing tech service calls for MSPs. Finally, only four SKUs to keep billing simple.

Kevin Hoffman, chief technology officer and co-founder at Axcient

“We are serious about providing a frictionless experience for MSPs, and this announcement validates our commitment to helping MSPs protect everything for their customers in a cost-effective, yet verified way,” said Kevin Hoffman, chief technology officer and co-founder at Axcient. “By offering a disruptive pricing model for BDR, faster RTO, and new hardware, we are boosting our partners’ business performance while adding more margin to their bottom line.”

“Working with a vendor like Axcient that is innovating and changing the technology to better my business helps me better serve my clients,” said Neil Hawkins, partner and chief operating officer at Lanair Group. “We understand the importance of ensuring our clients’ data is protected, and Axcient has provided us with the technology to do that. Now that the company is further simplifying our buying experience, we are freed up to dedicate more of our resources to helping our clients.”

The company has been on a tear this year with fascinating news.

Angus Robertson, CRO, Axcient

We had an exclusive interview with company COO Jeff Cummings this past April where he said, “Data protection, file sync and share software developer eFolder and disaster recovery-as-a-service developer Axcient merged in July 2017 under the Axcient name to bring enterprise capabilities to the small and mid-market.” 

We also broke the news in May that David Bennett from Webroot has become the new company CEO and last month that Angus Robertson, CRO is on the Advisory Council of CompTIA.

The company also just launched a marketing portal to enable MSPs to build comprehensive marketing programs simply and scale their company’s marketing efforts.

Axcient CEO David Bennett

Companies do need to keep more data than ever thanks to compliance reasons as well as cybersecurity needs such as ransomware attacks. In both cases, organizations must ensure this data is available. This is when the panicked customer calls come in to the MSP from. The MSP wants to be able to tell the client the data is there. Even if the client didn’t have the budget for BDR at an earlier time. The customer always wants to have access to past versions of files which may have been changed or wiped.

Axcient’s new move to improve TCO is smart and helps MSPs provider better service to their customers. MSPs can also decide how do price this new offering meaning they can try to undercut a competitor like Datto or maximize profitability.

Overall, this Axcient news is good for the MSP space and customers.

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