Portnox Adds Visibility and Control To Help Secure Networks

Networks have become so complex that securing them has become an increasingly complex challenge. As the number of attack vectors increase seemingly endlessly, corporations need to have a commensurate solution which scales with device growth, allowing IT to protect their networks from the various threats they encounter.

Ofer Amitai the CEO of security vendor Portnox believes visibility is thePortnox Ofer Amitai, CEO.jpg first step in protecting yourself followed by monitoring the devices to control the risk. He continues by saying that networks should be segmented to ensure things like cameras are not on the same network as users – or available from the outside. He believes you also need a solid plan allowing you to react to changing behavior on the network.

Not coincidentally, his company allows IT Managers, CSOs, CISOs, MSSPs, etc. to see and manage devices on the network – including IoT and BYOD. In addition, the solution allows insight into services running. This knowledge can be the difference between being hit with Wannacry or staying protected. If you do get hit with ransomware, you can quarantine and remediate – and further take action by blocking devices

The company has made a lot of news this year – as you likely read on TMCnet – in February, they announced their latest version of Portnox CLEAR, the SaaS offering which touts ease of use, multi-factor authentication over the VPN and visual dashboards among its many features.

In May, TMCnet ran the news the company introduced IoT Radar via its Portnox CORE Spring Version which brings automated policy decision-making to the world of the Internet of Things. The management GUI has been unified across cloud and premise according to Ofer via an in-person interview we conducted with him.

In addition, facet navigation gives a LinkedIn like view – allowing you to create filters and see connections between devices. There are also custom dashboards useful to people based on titles, roles and responsibilities such as network managers, security admins, network admins, etc.

This cloud version also has subscriber management built-in, allowing MSPs to become MSSPs

A few weeks back the company also released news about its new options for threat prevention and access control across 802.1x, guest network and subscription plans management with the following features:

  • Subscription Plan Management for Organizations and MSPs: The ability to manage their customers’ subscription plans in an easy and streamlined way, all from the cloud. Additionally, the feature allows organizations, via MSPs, to move from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model while reducing TCO by up to 50%.
  • Certificate Based Authentication in the Cloud: Allows for 802.1x with client certificate and cloud-based public key infrastructure (PKI) capabilities, making users and devices on the corporate network more secure. It simplifies 802.1x solutions, turn-key and low-touch configurations for network access control as well as reduces TCO.
  • Advanced Guest Network Onboarding: Introduced onboarding capabilities for guest access by text-based SMS, which allows for simple and fast guest access onboarding and improved security.

The bottom line is networks are getting more populated and complicated and each additional device becomes a new potential attack vector. Automated tools allowing you to manage and control the fast-growing network are the only ways to manage the hodge-podge of devices, phones, sensors, printers, cameras and other devices on your network. Best of all, Portnox allows the solution via premise or cloud and also provides it via MSPs soon to become MSSPs. 

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