See a Top 10 Tech Speaker at IoT Evolution in July

The tech space is moving so incredibly quickly that you have to attend john-horn.pngconferences, webinars and scour the news to be aware of the latest trends and ideas taking place. There is no other way to be sure what to implement, when.

There are two types of businesses these days, the quick and the dead. No, I am not talking about a movie title here – this is the reality of business thanks to digital transformation and IoT.

No company can afford to miss out on what’s happening in the world of tech and business and networking with peers and attending conferences with well-chosen speakers is the best way to ensure you are proving your value to your organization.

To that end, it’s worth pointing out Inc. Magazine just ran a piece on the 20 tech speakers that will wow your crowd. In the top 10 is one of the speakers at next month’s IoT Evolution conference in Las Vegas.

Here is an excerpt

9. John Horn

John Horn is CEO of Ingenu, a company that’s elevating the discussion surrounding the Internet of Things. As a corporate founder with immense knowledge, Horn’s a go-to speaker on the tech circuit. From talking about the current landscape of cellular technologies to discussing alternatives for IoT app developers — like purpose-built platforms such as Ingenu’s Machine Network — he’s a guaranteed star. His keynote at IoT Evolution Expo is worth checking out to get a sense of his stage presence and commanding, yet conversational, style.

Those of you who have eagle-eyes, you probably noticed the mention of last year’s IoT Evolution in the description. If you want to check out his talk from that event we’ve included it below for your viewing pleasure.

We hope to see you at this year’s event and especially at his keynote, July 19th, 2017 at 4:00 pm. Please Register now.

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