ThreatLocker Expands European Operations, Enhances Endpoint Security Approach, and Introduces New Suite of Products

Florida-based ThreatLocker is charting new territory with its recent expansion into Dublin, Ireland. Adding 120 jobs to the Dublin suburb of Blanchardstown, the firm is preparing to cater to the increasing demand for stringent cybersecurity measures with the introduction of the EU’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). The legislation entails stricter cybersecurity requirements for financial service providers, establishing a ripe market for ThreatLocker’s innovative solutions.

“We have ambitious targets for growth, and we aim to strengthen our foothold in the EMEA region and help businesses protect themselves from increasing cyberattacks, including ransomware,” said ThreatLocker CEO and Co-Founder Danny Jenkins.

Danny Jenkins

Cybersecurity challenges have intensified with attacks becoming more sophisticated. ThreatLocker, established in 2017, plans to address this escalating concern through its strategic EU expansion, potentially saving businesses large sums of money spent mitigating cyberattacks.

During a keynote presentation at the 2023 MSP Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Jenkins discussed the evolution of security. From the advent of antivirus software, which provided a false sense of security, to the proliferation of malware with the rise of the internet, Jenkins highlighted the need for a redefined approach to cybersecurity.

He emphasized that layers of protection – antivirus, AI, and threat hunting – do not necessarily provide sufficient protection. Instead, Jenkins advocated for a more robust approach. “The best solution is to allow what you need and block everything else. If someone wants to introduce anything new, they request it, and you approve it,” he stated.

Jenkins went on to describe how ThreatLocker’s suite of products – application Allowlisting, Ringfencing, storage control, elevation control, and endpoint network access control – provide a more secure approach to blocking the exploits of unknown application vulnerabilities.

In a live interview, Austin Hatter, MSP Sales Manager at ThreatLocker, revealed the company’s new range of products and tools designed to further harden endpoints. Hatter emphasized the importance of being proactive and knowing what is attempting to infiltrate or block your system. “If you’re building a new home with great security, with pressure plates and heat monitors, but you forgot a lock for the doors or windows, it’s the control elements elsewhere,” he explained.

Hatter also mentioned the company’s proactive support for partners, with resources such as customer-facing presentations, client-facing demos, and a white-glove onboarding approach. Their commitment to ensuring partners have everything they need extends to providing marketing, engineering, cyberhero support, and lunch-and-learn sessions with sales reps.

Moreover, ThreatLocker’s recent acquisition of Thirdwall, a Connectwise plugin, was a strategic move to enhance their service offering. Currently rebranding it as Configuration Manager, the integration of this plugin with ThreatLocker’s products will provide added value for Connectwise partners.

The company also announced its foray into Network Access Control (NAC), acknowledging the changing work patterns where network perimeters are dissolving as people work from multiple locations. The NAC agents, living on servers and endpoints, can change dynamically, providing an added level of security.

As cyber threats become more sophisticated, the role of companies like ThreatLocker becomes even more critical. Through their continuous product innovation, proactive partner support, and strategic expansion, ThreatLocker is poised to make a significant impact in the world of cybersecurity.

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