Skype Mobile Phone

Skype will soon have a mobile phone on the market and more exciting VoIP news there cannot be. I would imagine it will be a dual-mode device which auto-senses WiFi networks and sends calls on its service. Why would you want such a thing?
Well for one thing, audio quality will be better with this device over a WiFi network when calling other people on Skype. This is due to the wideband codec which is not degraded by PSTN traversal. In addition, the people you call on your phone will not need to have a SkypeIn account to receive your Skype calls.
Of course these benefits are also possible with a Skype-only phone but this dual-mode device will function as a cellular phone as well. This is truly the best of both worlds.
I haven’t spoken with the company about this phone but I am excited for eBay as this device could open up a ton of new markets for them. In addition, it should be easy for the company to enable mobile video calls.
This phone should scare the living daylights out of wireless carriers worldwide.
TMCnet’s Brian Solomon has more on this exciting development.

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