3G iPhone Problems… AT&T to Blame or Infineon?

Are you a new iPhone user who is having problems with the device switching between networks? Are you browsing at slower speeds than you should? Are you getting dropped calls at a higher rate than you are used to?

If you are having any of these problems you will be happy to know there is great debate about whether the cause is a congested AT&T data network or a chip made by Infineon. Company spokesman Guenther Gaugler won’t discuss the chip’s performance in the Apple phone but he does say the chip works fine in other cell phones.

Other speculation is that AT&T hasn’t upgraded its network fast enough and of course AT&T denies this allegation.

Either way, there is a software fix in the works which should minimize the problem. Just be sure to synchronize with iTunes often so you get the release as soon as it is avaialble.

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    November 19, 2008 at 1:08 am

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