80% of E-Mail Illegitimate or From Unknown Source

A look at my inbox confirms the findings of research which tells us that 80% of e-mail comes from illegitimate or unknown sources.

Officials say the study relies on a sample of 2.3 million IPs pulled from the Return Path Reputation Data Network, a cooperative data network that collects and analyzes e-mail data from more than 20 ISPs and other data providers representing more than 100 million mailboxes.

The spam problem is not going away and as I came back from Dallas yesterday I happened to be on a rental car shuttle bus around 6:00 AM in the morning. On the bust was a group of people with Blackberrys frantically clicking and scrolling. I could almost feel the spam being deleted from their devices as we drove the 15 or so minutes from the rental car areas to the terminal.

I kept thinking how much wasted time we all have in our lives because of spam.

Please don’t tell me about spam filters. Yes I have one of these like many of you but if you have ever looked at what gets filtered you will see that there are occasional real and important emails in there that you need to receive. This means that many of us go through thousands of spam messages each day whether we like it or not.

I wonder what spam impact is on the world economy. I bet it is much more significant than many of us would think.

I hope this problem gets solved in my lifetime. I can’t imagine how much spam our kids will get at this rate… 10,000 spam messages a day?

Pictured below: An angry child from the future realizing she needs to delete 100,000 spam messages as she drinks from her bottle.


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