A Little Heavy Chrome

Google has a new heavy metal-based TV commercial which has a Halloween undercurrent. The ad touts the $249 Samsung-made Chromebook as being smaller, better on batteries and good for “scaring off viruses.” It goes on to discuss its lack of phantom files and crashes. Although the video has had under 100,000 views I can see it going viral and perhaps adding a zero to that number.

What is unclear is how much demand there will be for a cloud-based laptop which seems to ape the look of an Apple computer at a fraction of the price.

It’s worth noting the device has seen good reviews and includes so many free services it actually gives you $20 back after you outlay your $249!

If you haven’t been paying attention, this is one of the mostheavy-metal.jpg exciting times I can recall in the hardware wars. Amazon has come on strong with its Kindle Fire HD and is blasting the iPad Mini – as being inferior. Then there is Samsung who recently released their 5.5 inch Galaxy Note II which is an awesome phone/tablet hybrid. Throw in the Galaxy S3 and the new HTC Windows Phone 8X and it becomes obvious that innovation is alive and well.

As you can see, manufacturers are serious about mobile and are fighting fire with fire. And if consumers continue to lust after and purchase them as fast as companies can make them, the tech market should see their balance sheets back in black in no time.

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