The Best Election Technology For a Contentious Election?

This election will likely be one of the most contentious of our lifetimes. Moreover, with the memory of recounts in Florida during the Bush/Gore election clobbering the stock market for over a week, there are likely many who hope the same situation doesn’t occur in 2012. The challenge is there are a number of swing states which are a really close meaning we could see a scenario play out where there are multiple state recounts.

Could you imagine the horror in the financial markets if such a situation were to play out?


I got to thinking about this while watching a video put out by the University of Connecticut or UCONN where the various professors discuss the types of voting technology on the market and why optical reader seems to be superior because it can be audited easily.

UCONN is on the forefront of this technology and I have been to their main Storrs campus frequently to learn about their progress in this area.

A couple of points – the video is not riveting but it has good information. Moreover, it appears to be cut off at the end at 6:41 – you may have to manually slide the video past this point to see the credits.

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