A Social Aggregation Site No One Wants to be Part of


It’s interesting that many on the internet think the future of media has to have a curation component – some even suggest aggregation as an important area of focus. I couldn’t help but think about these suggestions when I happened upon a website We know what you are doing which categorizes public Facebook posts in ways which the posters will likely not be happy about.

For example, there is a category titled “Who wants to get fired” with posts which seem to all have the text “hate my boss” in them. There is also a category titled “Who’s hungover?” which basically is a search on the word “hungover.”

Then there is the “Who is taking drugs” column which seems to search on the term cannabis and some others.

There is more but the idea here is people not only don’t realize how to alter their Facebook privacy settings, they post things they really shouldn’t – when they do have the proper privacy settings on.

I look to the site as a reminder of just how open and free the world has become and moreover that we are in a new “Sharing Economy.”

Hat tip: Gizmodo

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