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The event is about to begin.

Judy Sim CMO takes the stage

Mark Hurd President takes the stage.

Mark started off talking about the need for happy customers.

Only 30% of customers can engage with customers on mobile – few of these people have insight on the mobile experience and fewer even can transact on a mobile platform with customers.

Anthony Lye Senior VP Oracle CRM takes the stage

It is very easy for companies to copy one another. we all recognize a great experience with a company – there is downside when there is a negative customer experience.

Our customers want help to deliver a good customer experience. Historically you had to use a number of niche vendors to to provide good solutions. We are leveraging our assets from hardware to software and middleware to enable our customers to compete.

You have to be able to connect to customer on whatever channel they are on.
Companies have to do business on more channels from mobile to kiosks – everywhere the customer is. You have to connect on channels you own as well as channels you don’t.

Our customers want us to listen when they say something on Twitter.

We need a good cross-channel experience – one which could start on the web and end on a mobile or a store. Today, how many times do we have to repeat ourselves when we move from one channel to another he queried. He then went on to say experiences must be personalized and companies need to reward us for our loyalty and advocacy.

But today, most companies don’t know who customers are as they sometimes use cash. Oracle believes lifetime value of a customer is about to change. Today value is associated with how much you spend. But going forward you have to value the social, referral and behavioral value of a customer. What is the customer’s opinion of your company for example.

Starbucks is a company who has to know who you are to be able to reward you in a competitive market. Companies like Southwest want to reward you – and these behaviors allow you to know the lifetime value of customers.
Companies have to make sure it is easy to do business with them.
IT needs to be empowered as well – they need the infrastructure – on-premise, in the cloud and any combination.

We have built the more integrated and comprehensive solutions portfolio in our CRM platform.

Siebel, Fusion and 7 companies they have acquired have helped make this happen – mention of each company purchased recently to help in areas such as search, support, service and other areas such as collective intellect.
The point here is the integration of all the sales efforts is where Oracle lives and their suite of apps helps companies drive their customer experience.
There has been work with integrators and digital agencies to help their customers succeed.

To date these experiences were isolated but now we have integrated them in ways nobody else can.

Other comments of note: Cloud is important but not the end of software. We want to offer customers choice between premise and cloud.

Hurd: We are going as fast as we can with cloud – a huge commitment – all our apps will be in the cloud soon. We will also have a suite offering for customers. There are regulatory issues to consider as well – we will allow premise-based solutions, private and Oracle-Cloud. Don’t take this as a lack of aggression towards the cloud – we are moving as fast as we can. Our SaaS business is a billion dollars, we just started and we are number two.

Gary Vaynerchuk takes the stage

He runs a digital agency and owns a liquor store/online wine company. He also runs a wine show. He discussed his book the Thank You Economy and also segued into how the digital world has evolved to a point where people text while they drive – he says they aren’t looking at billboards or even the road.

The attention of the end consumer is fragmented and we cant get to them in the same ways we used to get to them.

He explained a story where they had a large order and as a thank you they sent a jersey from a football player this customer tweeted about. As a result, this customer said he would be a customer for life as the store where he spends hundreds of thousands of dollars and they have no idea who he even is.

Mark Hurd takes the stage again – this time to speak with customers and the media. If there is anything not duplicated I will pass it along as close to real-time as I can.

Hurd is spending a good amount of time on the importance of positive customer experiences and how customer touch-points have changed in the digital age.

  1. You must connect with your customer
  2. Know your customer
  3. Transact with your customer

Companies have to have the right info at the right time to get the right behavior – because you only have a few minutes [to satisfy the customer] and these customer experiences last a lifetime.

Location:W 41st St, NY, United States

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