Aastra Intecom/BroadSoft

The IP communications market gets more and more exciting by the day and if you aren’t paying attention it even may get confusing. Today’s big news comes in the form of a partnership between two companies who you may not think would work together.
Broadsoft is a company providing applications platforms enabling such services as IP Centrex to be provided. The company typically targets service providers who in turn target businesses.
AAstra Intecom sells call center and PBX systems to large enterprises that typically have 2,500-3,000 seats.
One would imagine these companies have little in common but the two have just come together to provide large enterprises with an IP communications phone system with the power of BroadSoft and Aastra Intecom in a single solution. Service provider solutions are always more reliable and robust than their counterparts in the enterprise so I can only imagine combining the best products from these two companies means an even better solution than either can provide by itself.
Other products which will be sold as part of this solution are IBM blade servers, EdgeWater Networks for remote access solutions, AudioCodes gateways, Extreme Networks for LAN infrastructure and Covergence for SBCs.
Aastra’s all IP solution is called Clearspan and if you want a hybrid solution you can go with their Pointspan product line.
Aastra Intecom now has a broad range of solutions for virtually every large enterprise need. In addition, Broadsoft also offers a tremendous mobile solution which they have had on the market for years and are constantly improving.
This joint product provides the perfect mobility solution for the large enterprise and the Aastra Intecom/BroadSoft solution is a win/win for the two companies and the customers they serve.

  • Anonymous
    February 6, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    If anyone is looking to purchase any equipment from Aastra they should be looking else where.
    They layed off 50% of their support personnel this week
    Looks like they are positioning for a new owner.
    or maybe looseing the customers that are left.
    If i were RGTS,Texas A&M or Smiths Group I would get out while I can.

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