Accelerite Brings IoT to Non-Developers

At this pint we have all heard endless times IoT will be a multibillion dollar market, hundreds of billions of devices will permeate our world and the flood of data produced by myriad sensors and gizmos will need to be crunched and evaluated endlessly. Society will be better off as a result because farms will use less water, thermostats will reduce power usage and we’ll be able to apply this technology to save our rainforests and even endangered animals.

How will all this be accomplished if we don’t have millions more programmers who are proficient in IoT programming? To learn more, we sat down for a face-to-face interview with Kumar Thangamuthu, Product Management at Accelerite. The company’s Concert Frameworkk brings IoT to non-developers.


Here are some highlights of the Accelerite Concert IoT Orchestrator Starter Edition:

  • Rapidly develop new IoT services. Visual drag and drop logic composition makes the developer experience more efficient, enabling faster and more cost-effective IoT application delivery. Seamless integration with the customer’s enterprise CRM or ERP systems extends the capabilities of the IoT applications.
  • Anyone can innovate. Software developers and non-coders with a basic proficiency in web service APIs can create IoT solutions to meet operational goals, reducing the burden on IT. The ability to visually compose logic flows by selecting components from a ready-made library extends the pool of people who can create services — shifting the focus to innovation, not the technical ability to code.
  • Enhance AWS cloud services. Ready-to-use components available on AWS Marketplace include:
    • IoT message brokering with Amazon Kinesis
    • Messaging channels: Email, SMS and mobile notification services
    • IoT persistent data: Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
    • Proprietary and third-party enterprise system integration
  • Availability. The Concert IoT Orchestrator Starter Edition’s free version is available on AWS Marketplace at Concert IoT Orchestrator for AWS Marketplace. Additional information is available at Concert IoT Orchestrator Product Information

“Concert IoT Orchestrator Starter Edition on AWS Marketplace presents an easy to install application development accelerator for those seeking to leverage AWS services. In addition to Orchestrator, Accelerite’s other Concert IoT portfolio offerings on AWS will include ‘low code’ accelerators for modeling device data schemas, user roles and developing insight from sensor data. Going beyond the rapid creation of IoT services, Concert IoT offers a complete ecosystem management and monetization solution for organizations that wish to expose their services and data to interested developers and partners,” said Dean Hamilton, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Accelerite’s IoT Business Unit.

Concert Monetize is an interesting part of the company’s solution. They allow companies to sell their solutions back to the marketplace – the data can be published to interested consumers. They can apply policies on how to price and ensure a data assurance chain of custody.

The bottom line is Accelerite’s Concert allows companies in any market such as agriculture or manufacturing to get started building IoT applications and can even help them be monetized. A win-win solution for companies looking to get started in the market and who don’t want to hire numerous developers for availability, philosophical or monetary reasons.

To learn more, be sure to attend the Enterprise IoT Event, IoT Evolution Jan 22-25, 2018 and see IBM, Ingenu, Cradlepoint, TellientARM, McAfee & other major companies. Special focus on Smart Cities, Security, IIoT and case studies.

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