Spikko Brings Multiple Numbers and Recording to Mobile Phones

While there are a number of companies who can add phone numbers to mobile phones via VoIP, Spikko takes a different approach. The company allows a mobile device to have a single SIM and multiple local numbers with global call-recording added as one of its optional services. The company supports most countries but there are around 50 primary ones.

I spoke with company representative Ron Barak about the company’s differentiators and he mentioned that they have their data center in the Amazon cloud in Ireland and from there they allow phones to work as local devices on multiple networks. They have negotiated great rates for customers – 2-3 cents per minute per call, $10/month for call recording and $5-$6 per number. Use these numbers as guides, they could be higher or lower.

The Spikko cloud-based arcitechture


Today there was an article on a TMC sister-site, Call Recording where we discussed MiFID II, the new EU law which will require financial organizations to record their conversations. Not surprisingly, this initiative has been great for Spikko’s business.

Other strengths, Spikko is also chosen by companies who want to add a business-line to personal phones of their employees. A sweet spot is companies who use contractors to conduct business. By using virtual phone numbers and recording the calls, these organizations can ensure they are in control of customer relationships. Moreover, they can keep track of what these contracts are saying to customers.

Any company with many mobile employees can likely benefit.

The Spikko management dashboard


The service requires you to download a dialer which also lets you decide which CLI to send per call. In addition, a phone now can have multiple WhatsApp personalities.

The bottom line is Spikko is a great solution to companies looking to take control of employee mobile devices. They are able to ensure better customer relationships, lower costs, reduce roaming and increase productivity as employees won’t be afraid to use their phones in foreign countries and thus run up unexpected bills.

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