Actus Networks G.8032 Carrier Ethernet Ring Protection Boosts Backhaul

Carrier Ethernet ring network standard allows potential SONET/SDH replacement at as little as 1/10th the cost

As smartphones and netbooks proliferate and drive more wireless data traffic, the need for better backhaul solutions only grows. In fact this week the new Verizon/Motorola Droid will be released with a new version of Google Maps which includes free turn-by-turn navigation. Expect it to be a single application which is called out as a bandwidth hog in the future.

One company looking to help provide carriers with less expensive and more reliable solutions which support this massive bandwidth growth is Actus Networks. Recently at Supercomm I had a chance to speak with company execs about their ITU-T G.8032 and G.8032 2010 compliant ring protection products which bring many of the benefits of SONET/SDH to the world of carrier Ethernet.

In addition, Actus has equipment which allows carriers with circuit switched networks to use their equipment to access both their legacy and new Ethernet networks. As carriers move to IP-based 4G/LTE networks they will have to explore using IP in their backhaul applications as well and this is where the Korean-based company comes in.

The current product offering consists of a NEBS level 3 compliant, 16-port, 1U G200 carrier Ethernet access device which supports QoS, PBB-TE, OAM, ring protection, E-Line service and circuit emulation (discussed above) as well as the G300 Carrier Ethernet Access Platform.

To learn more, you can read this article, view a recent press release and/or watch a video interview (get popcorn   )I had recently with Kevin Rhee CSO and Peter Cho CEO/President.

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