Apple Production Cuts May Just Mean a New Model is Coming

I truly believe Apple has no choice but to finally succumb to the larger phone trend I have been harping about for over 2.5 years. Today’s news that the company has cut production of current models coupled with rumors of a larger phone coming may just mean we will see a new model soon.

And this would be the potential reason for the cuts – if the news is even accurate.

Certainly, the company’s share price dipping below $500 isn’t good news. Moreover, rumors of a curved screen device have been circulating for a long time. Perhaps if users are lucky they will see a phablet -sized curved device in the next few quarters.

There are obviously two schools of thought on these production cuts. While the larger-screen rivals are being purchased often-times instead of the iPhone I have trouble believing Apple’s iPhone sales are in trouble.

Still, if they don’t come out with the iLane Bryant phone I have joked about previously they will eventually find they losing more share than they are comfortable with.

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