xG Technology Scores Huge Win

The most controversial company I have ever reported on has to be xG Technology. They have a wireless solution which uses unlicensed spectrum in an efficient manner in order to allow service providers to provider service without needing to purchase costly licensed spectrum. Never have I been subjected to repeated scathing comments than in my writings and video posts pertaining to this company.

Bottom line was I saw a working demo and reported on it. Detractors argued the demo I saw was not scalable under any circumstances.

Now xG has just reported $6M in new orders from PMC Associates based in Hazlet, New Jersey, Communications Marketing Southeast based in Dallas, Georgia and Mobile-One Communications based in Venice, Florida.

This is quite a big win for a company that has been accused of selling bogus solutions by many people. To be fair when xG first launch the company made some claims about their technology which seemed so unbelievable that it turned out they weren’t correct.

In 2 weeks Super WiFi Summit will be held in Miami, FL, close to the company’s HQ. If I catch up with them there it will be interesting to learn if xG sees the opportunity to use white spaces as competitive or complimentary to what they provide.

See also my past posts on the company in chronological order

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