Apple’s Monday Morning App Store Removals Stink

Destroying developer and customer relationships seems to be another area where Apple wants to lead the pack

Is it just me or is Apple’s Monday morning App Store removals really getting out of hand? First Riverturn’s VoiceCentral was approved then it was yanked. Amazingly the Cupertino computer and phone company decided months after the application was approved that it was unapproved and then when users realized the app will no longer be upgraded they requested a refund which they received. The result? The developer had to eat those refunds. I have never in my entire career seen a policy like the one Apple is using with the App Store. If it isn’t illegal it is certainly unethical, immoral and worse than anything I have ever seen Microsoft do.

How the world’s users don’t protest this situation is beyond me. I do want to remain impartial but to be honest the free markets won’t settle this one as Apple’s designs are not months ahead of the competition they are years ahead. The MacBook Air and iPhone are still being chased and no one is catching either.

The 3G S is essentially the same iPhone as the original and it is still not copied correctly or bettered.

If users don’t organize a protest somehow like boycotting the Apple store, I see no end in sight to the worst management of customers and developers in the history of computing.

It just seems to me Apple is in a pickle because they have to work with AT&T to ensure the carrier can continue to pay them handsomely for these devices. Moreover I suspect if they put out a policy and continue to gain share in the market, developers will be able to find a legal way to overturn the policy.

Sadly – destroying developer and customer relationships seems to be another area where Apple is leading the pack and one wonders how long it will be before they come out and admit the real situation. But then again, Apple is the most secretive company around it seems and they would still be telling us Steve Jobs had hormone therapy and not a liver transplant if they hadn’t been caught lying.

What do you think?

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