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With all the uncertainty in the world there are some things which we can agree upon. For example the demand for certain areas of technology has increased to grow even while global economies have not. We have seen that video, wireless and broadband are all segments of the market where new opportunities have presented themselves. Open-source too is another area where companies are looking to spend more. This is especially true in telecom where open-source intersects with SIP trunking to build new solutions which save money from a hardware and service perspective.

In order to help the world get the most out of open source communications we have a variety of open-source communications training courses in Los Angeles at ITEXPO Sept 1-3, 2009 which will help people receive certifications which will in-turn assist them in their career. Certifications in fast-growing areas such as this in fact have the ability to help people get jobs.

Two of particular interest are focusing on Switchvox and Asterisk – Switchvox training takes place September 1st and Asterisk 123 training takes place Wednesday September 2nd.

If you are a reseller, integrator, channel partner, enterprise/SMB IT/telecom worker, carrier operations manager or developer you can benefit from the Asterisk course and Switchvox training will appeal to anyone having anything to do with SMB phone systems. The certifications you achieve will be invaluable and I hope to see you at the show.

Here are the details.

  • telephone engineer
    August 26, 2009 at 10:28 am

    Open source training is the best way to communicate and come in front of people and developing trends.

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