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I’d like to start this blog entry off by saying Happy New Year 🙂 and wishing all my readers a tremendous 2007. I hope you are healthy and happy and that your family and all loved ones are as well. Having said that, I cover lots of topics on my blog and many times I focus on telecom and sometimes I get to cover weird stories that are hard to believe
Other times I tie a story into a trade show like the Internet Telephony Conference & Expo (ITEXPO) taking place in 24 days — January 23-26 at the Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center.
Many times when I write about the show I like to have a hook. For example one lucky attendee will walk away with a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and/or a Toyota FJ Cruiser (you must be present to win either. This photo idoes not represent the Harley model you could win — but it sure looks great). I really like the design of the FJ Cruiser and when I saw one on the highway today I tried to take a photo with my phone to show you. That would have been a great show hook I thought.
It turns out I almost caused an accident and furthermore my camera phone has a delay of about a ½ second so I have a nice picture of my dashboard instead. 🙁 So much for that idea.
Well, I figured there will be no show hook story today. That was until I learned about a car jacking in Boca Raton, Florida. Normally a car jacking is something you don’t want to highlight when you are bringing thousands of attendees from around the globe to south Florida.
But this story has a hook and was weird and located in south Florida as the car jacker stole a car, had two accidents and then got so lost he called 911 and had the police come to his location. He actually called the 911 call center and said he committed a crime and had no idea where he was.
So on that note, come to south Florida in January and know full well there will be one less car jacker in the area. Most importantly book your flights and hotel rooms asap as rates are going up quickly and the hotels are selling out.
Oh and one last point — bring a map — and your own car. 😉

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