Canadian ISPs Abhor Net Neutrality

It is amazing to me that virtually all ISPs in Canada admit to filtering traffic. Many of the providers in the great white north argue traffic shaping is essential as it ensures customers get their contracted speeds. Typically the target of the filtering is P2P applications and deep packet inspection is the preferred method used to ferret out those “nasty” peer to peer packets.

Sadly, this statement by carriers is incorrect – which makes it really scary that providers would go on record with such ramblings. You see, another way to ensure you meet service guarantees is to upgrade your networks. But I don’t want the facts to get in the way.

Ironically for VoIP users, QoS will likely increase if ISPs filter file-sharing software. And therein lies the problem with net-neutrality. It is darn confusing to wrap your head around when you realize filtering one type of traffic could actually benefit other kinds.

How do you regulate this beast? What is fair? What is not? The ongoing debate will be intriguing to observe.

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