Cantata is a veritable conglomerate in the communications space. The company was formed a year ago through a combination of Excel Switching and Brooktrout Technology and has product lines for developers and service providers. The company is soon celebrating its one year birthday and company executives were kind enough to take a break from their birthday party planning and give me feedback on where the company is headed.
As the briefing went on I realized the company was onto something interesting. You see IMS is a complex architecture and no existing network can become fully 100% IMS-based overnight. In fact in some ways 2007 is the year of IMS reality where implementations begins and the hype stops. Like any other technology it takes some time to get comfortable with it and then rapid adoption ensues.
We witnessed something similar in 2004 where VoIP hype stopped and serious adoption began.
So Cantata wants you to think of their products as the step along the path to full IMS-based networks. In other words, gain the opportunities afforded by IMS without the pesky hassles of waiting until you have upgraded your entire network.
The Massachusetts-based company is confident in the applications being enabled by their platforms such as ring back tones, prepaid services, gaming, alerts, streaming audio and video and new state of the art services like RAZZ Mobile allowing mobile users to mix custom sounds and then interject them into conversations through a simple key press.
Cantata has an interesting tagline to match their new positioning and it aligns nicely with the briefing I was part of. It is as follows:
Creating Next Generation Services From Now Generation Networks
It is interesting that from a branding perspective the company’s logo and tagline remind me of something very Lucent-like which is great thing when you realize the Cantata is competing for similar customers with Alcatel-Lucent.
Cantata tells me their products are IMS compliant today and there is no need for service providers to wait to roll out new services. In fact service providers can take their pick of leading edge telecom platforms from the IMG 101, SnowShore IP Media Server, Excel CSP 2090 and Excel MSP 101. The functions of the above products varies from media and signaling gateway to converged services platforms and IP media servers.
To celebrate the company’s first year with a new name the IMG 1010 has a slew of new features such as fault tolerance via load balancing and support for ITU Q.699 for supporting TDM signal mapping between ISDN, SS7 and CAS. In addition there is ENUM support and the product has been tested on the VPF or Voice Peering Fabric.
There is more Cantata news of course and I would love to detail it all but I am late for the birthday party and I don’t even have a card yet ;).

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